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[by sven @ Thu Dec 30 23:01 CET 2010]

Today I came across The Wayback Machine. With this machine you can browse over web pages archived from 1996 up till now. So I looked up and it took me a back to 13 february 2003 when this site was just about 6 months online.

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Upgrade to 7.2-STABLE

[by sven @ Tue May 12 15:40 CEST 2009]

Yesterday I did a make world to stay up to date with FreeBSD 7. I thought it was a nice idea to delete obsolete libraries with the 'make delete-old-libs' command but that did broke almost all the installed ports. I had to re-compile all these ports because they were compiled against the obsolete libraries :-(

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New IP address (2)

[by sven @ Mon Mar 31 13:31 CEST 2008]

Because freegw is using XS4ALL Only now instead of ADSL from KPN it again got a new IP address, namely Now the up and down streams are increased to respectively 1 Mbps and 8 Mbps. Also freegw is using the Thomson SpeedTouch 780 modem in a DHCP spoof configuration because the SIP spoof configuration in combination with my old Alcatel SpeedTouch Home/Pro modem does not work anymore with the XS4ALL Only network :-(

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New IP address

[by sven @ Tue Jun 19 14:35 CEST 2007]

Just wanted to let you know that due to my move to another place (in the same city) the IP address of freegw has been changed from to Some new pictures of the freegw box in the meter cupboard will follow soon.

Also the up and downstream are decreased to 3000 Kbit/s up and 512 Kbit/s down due to a downgrade from ADSL Basic to ADSL Lite.

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Most recent by sven @ Sat Jun 23 12:11 CEST 2007
Upgrade to 6.2-STABLE

[by sven @ Tue Feb 20 11:55 CET 2007]

It has been a while since my last post, but that doesn't mean that nothing was going on on freegw. In January I did an upgrade from 5.5-STABLE tot 6.1-RELEASE first and later around 15 January when 6.2-RELEASE was announced I did a make world to 6.2-STABLE. Also I replaced the 10 GB harddisk by a 20 GB one, just because I had one.

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