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Problem with mpd

[by sven @ Fri Aug 30 18:57 CEST 2002]

Mpd is a multi-link PPP daemon based on netgraph and supports the PPTP tunneling protocol to connect freegw to the ADSL modem. I'm using mpd quite a while now and regularly the connection is very slow or completely down by a buffer problem in mpd. Currently I'm looking for a solution for this problem.

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Memmory upgrade

[by sven @ Thu Aug 29 15:28 CEST 2002]

I just increased the amount of RAM from 32 MB to 80 MB because FreeBSD was using to much swap space to my opinion and I had left some 72-pins SIMM's from another pc.

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CVS page updated

[by sven @ Tue Aug 27 17:48 CEST 2002]

Today I've updated the CVS page; added CVS commands for logging in and checking out modules, gave all listed modules a short description, added a link to and last but not least I've installed FreeBSD-CVSweb from the ports-tree. CVSweb is a WWW CGI script to browse CVS repository trees. It can display the revision history of a file, as well as diffs between revisions and downloading the whole file. Click here to view the CVS repository tree from freegw.

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Message of the day

[by sven @ Mon Aug 26 22:45 CEST 2002]

From now on you can view a new motd (Message Of The Day) every day in the right column under the status block. The messages are mainly about Linux, open source, programming and computers.

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Downstream becomes 50% higher

[by sven @ Sat Aug 24 3:47 CEST 2002]

KPN Telecom announced that the downstream from the mxstream ADSL connection will become 50% higher per January 1 2003. The downstream from the basic subscription is going from 512 kb/s to 768 kb/s but the upstream unfortunately remains 128 kb/s. Not really an improvement for my webserver users but it's really fun for me :-)

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