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Changed packages over the last 10 days:
	apache24-2.4.27			--> apache24-2.4.27_1
	gcc5-5.4.0_3			--> gcc5-5.4.0_4
	isc-dhcp43-server-4.3.6		--> isc-dhcp43-server-4.3.6_1
	mpfr-3.1.5_1			--> mpfr-3.1.6
	nspr-4.16			--> nspr-4.17
	phpMyAdmin-4.7.4		--> phpMyAdmin-4.7.4_1
	png-1.6.31			--> png-1.6.32

Daily message
If you use the C shell, add the following line to the .cshrc file in your home directory to prevent core files from being written to disk: limit coredumpsize 0 -- Dru <>
The OpenBSD Project

Only one remote hole in the default install, in more than 9 years!

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