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Changed packages over the last 10 days:
	binutils-2.27_5,1		--> binutils-2.28,1
	ca_root_nss-3.29.3		--> ca_root_nss-3.30
	dovecot2-2.2.28_1		--> dovecot2-2.2.28_2
	elinks-0.11.7_6			--> elinks-0.11.7_7
	lzo2-2.09			-->
	png-1.6.28			--> png-1.6.29

Daily message
If you need a reminder to leave your terminal, type "leave hhmm" where "hhmm" represents in how many hours and minutes you need to leave. -- Dru <>
The OpenBSD Project

Only one remote hole in the default install, in more than 9 years!

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