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Security Advisories

If you have a shell account on this box, you can use the applet below to login to by using Secure Shell (SSH). SSH is used to remotely login into a machine. It was designed to be a replacement for rsh, rlogin, rcp and other Unix r-commands to do exactly what they do (remote login an copying files between Unix hosts) but in a secure way.

MindTerm is aspecial signed Java applet that will allow you to open up a SSH session to any SSH-enabled machine. Since it uses network sockets and file i/o, you will be presented with a dialog box indicating that the applet is requesting additional privileges. You must grant these privileges to get MindTerm to work.

Supported web browsers are Internet Explorer 5.x and Netscape 4.7x, but other versions and browsers may also work. The Internet Explorer version of the applet is about 390 kB, the Netscape version is about 590 kB, so it may take a while to load, please be patient.

If you prefer, you can open a stand alone terminal by pressing <ctrl> + <mouse-right> to activate the menu and then choose File -> New Terminal or File -> Clone Terminal.

SSH applet
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Please get a new browser or enable Java to see this applet!

Daily message
Want to know how many words, lines, or bytes are contained in a file? Type "wc filename". -- Dru <>
The KAME Project

The KAME Project is a joint effort of six companies in Japan to provide a free IPv6 and IPsec (for both IPv4 and IPv6) stack for BSD variants to the world.

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